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A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, someone invented and (hopefully) played with the very first dildo. This was over 30,000 years ago would you believe? On this very planet! If the rumors are true, even Queen Cleopatra had one! If you are yet to indulge in your first sexy saber, let us shed some light on how to get going.

So, what sex toys are best to start with? Which ones should you advance to next? Which ones are for the professionals? Your journey through the sex toy world is much like your favorite movie trilogy or collection. They are exciting, entertaining (to say the least), and follow a similar path through to the final installment.

Let us explain how…

Film I – The Start of Your Adventure

In the first film of any trilogy series, the protagonist (this is our hero or main character) is just learning their skills or first starting their expedition. They are new to the game or situation at hand. A rookie with a lot of potentials – maybe just like you in the bedroom? Often with the help of a sensei (perhaps your partner), the protagonist has a chance to learn a skill, craft, or mission they must complete – and so the film plot begins.

Have you seen Men in Black? You must have! If not, Will Smith plays an agent that defends the world against alien attacks. When he first joins the agency, he is given a tiny gun, whereas the experienced Tommy Lee Jones has a huge cannon-like weapon. This is exactly how you should think of your first sex toy. You don’t want to go straight in for the kill with a mammoth 7+ inch dildo. Take your time agent. You must learn the ways of the boudoir battle first.

Dress for the Occasion

Before anything, you need to be in the right uniform. Check out the sexy see-through Courtney Lace Robe for starters, and then perhaps pair it with the Jenna Bodysuit for the ultimate bedroom-battle-ready outfit. You can’t forget the Sandra Suspenders either. Looking fitter than Lawrence in Hunger Games, you’re now ready to handle your artillery.

Your first weapon of choice? Crack your enemies – and your allies (wink, wink) – into shape with the Carina Whip. It may look small and harmless, but this little black and red beauty will inflict both pain and pleasure on your innocent (or perhaps guilty) victims. You’re starting small, but this stylish leather whip certainly packs a punch.

Film II – Can You Handle the Power?

In the second film, the protagonist is more confident and more capable, making more progress into their journey. It’s time to get into the thick of it and get your hands dirty/wet/sticky. You’re back bigger, bolder, and better than ever. With a new look too! Check out the ridiculously cute but commanding Elaine Costume. Going undercover as a French maid? This isn’t going to work, because you’re going to stand out from the crowd in this gorgeous little number. Beautiful yet powerful!

You’re going to need this new look too, because in this installment the protagonist has greater power. With great power comes greater responsibility. But who that responsibility belongs to ultimately comes down to you with the kinky Selene Bondage Set. Four pieces of BDSM genuine leather bondage gear will ensure you remain in control, or controlled, however you like it! The set includes a handcuff, footcuff, collar, and whip – enough to keep you entertained long after the film finishes!

Film III – The Final Instalment (For Now)

By the final film, the main character is ready to take on something bigger and better than they’ve ever experienced before. You’re fully trained, experienced, and ready to take on the big boss. You’ve gone from your pea shooter and now you’re ready for the Tommy Lee Jones cannon treatment. Bring it on! You can win this!

But first, it goes without saying you’re going to have to experience a little pain. But what’s wrong with that? Nothing at all if it’s caused by a set of Nadia Clips. These nipple clips have 10 vibration modes controlled via a remote, and two pump cups. Inflict pleasurable pain on your arch-nemesis, and then let them drive you crazy with them too!

The Final Scene

Bring on the Blair Vibrator – the ultimate rabbit vibrator with 7 vibration modes and triple head pleasure. The rabbit ears will tantalize your clitoris and the anal beads will make your toes curl as you take on the impressive 8 inch dildo. This is not for the inexperienced, but if you know what you’re doing it is one of the most pleasurable sexual experiences you are ever likely to have.

You can also try the Jasmin Vibrator that is both a breast and clitoral vibrator with 12 modes of vibration and 5 modes of electric shock! You and your partner/archenemy will be buzzing, and so will the audience, if you choose to have one!

Film IV?

As with any movie franchise, there is always the chance of another installment at any time. The chapter is never, ever fully closed. Just look at the Fast and Furious films, there’s almost hundreds of them now! They even dragged 6 films out of Rocky Balboa! So, perhaps your sex toy trilogy doesn’t have to end there either? Who knows how far you can step out of your comfort zone, push your boundaries, or experience pleasure.

There are countless experiences out there to be had. Take your time, enjoy the ride, and your story will be out of this world!


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