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Want to get straight down to business when you receive your brand new sex toy? Stop! Is it really considered clean even if it’s fresh out the box? You probably have a shower before getting sexy, right? It’s the same for your sex toys. You want them fresh and ready for action. Always give your toys a good wash before use to make sure it is free of any dust and debris that could have been picked up during the manufacturing process – or from the bottom of your dirty bedside drawer!

Is it Really Clean?

Your toys will need cleaning every time you have quality time together. It’s important to remove any bodily fluids and other debris. A general clean with soapy water will be enough if you use your toys exclusively alone. However, when using with one or more partners, sanitizing is recommended. Disinfecting with sanitizer will destroy bacteria, making the toy hygienic for the next round. 

Sterilizing is another option to consider, especially if you enjoy medical play in the bedroom. You can sterilize your toys any time, however, it’s usually not necessary for general cleanliness.

Is Your Sex Toy into Water?

Before submerging your toy in a bubble bath, please take the time to read the water safety level of each toy you have at hand. There are fully waterproof toys. These bad boys can take as much water as you give them, meaning full dousing in water won’t cause any damage.

Splashproof toys are different. They’ll be happy to have a shower but not when completely submerged. These toys appreciate a gentle rinse under running water and a wipe-over. This will remove the debris perfectly.

Although rare these days, there are some toys on the market that simply hate the water. These are not water safe and therefore should not be rinsed or submerged in water or any liquid for that matter. To clean non-water-safe sex toys, you’ll need something to wipe them over with, such as a wet wipe, towel, or paper towel that is slightly damp. 

Take Out the Batteries!

Remember to remove the batteries before cleaning any of your toys with water. This is true even for fully waterproof toys. Take out the batteries and then it’s time to get scrubbing. Once the toy is dry, pop the batteries back in and you’re good to go.

How to Clean Your Sex Toys

General Clean Method

  1. Rinse the toy under water and rub with a cloth or flannel to remove debris
  2. Apply liquid soap to the toy and get the bubbles going
  3. Rinse again under water to remove the soap
  4. Dry your toy on a clean towel

Sanitising Method

This method is safe for toys that are 100% silicone, made from stainless steel or quality glass.

  1. Place your sex toys in a pan of boiling water with a flannel
  2. Keep a close eye during boiling to watch for breakages
  3. Remove the toys with a pair of tongs and place on a clean towel
  4. Leave to air dry

Can I use My Dishwasher to Clean My Sex Toys?

It is possible to use your dishwasher, however, there are a couple of things to remember. First of all, you should avoid using the dishwasher if you share your household with anyone else who isn’t your sexual partner. Dinner will never taste the same for the family if they find out!

In all seriousness though:

  • don’t use dishwashing capsules, soaps or liquids when cleaning your toys
  • use the sanitising cycle on your dishwasher
  • only use the dishwasher on toys that are waterproof, made from 100% silicone, stainless steel, or high quality glass.

A dishwasher is a good option but be aware that even the sanitizing cycle will not be able to kill certain fungi or viruses. 

Take Your Sex Toys with You

Want to take your sex toys away with you for a fun weekend? No problem at all. You’re not alone. It’s extremely common for people to have dildos and other sex toys in their suitcase or backpack. 

Still, you may find yourself feeling slightly paranoid while walking through security. The last thing you want is for your bag to be searched and for the security guard to flash your dildo for all to see. There are a few things you should know and be aware of before you head to the airport.

  1. Don’t take your sex toys in your carry-on bag. Some larger, solid, more dominating sex toys could be seen as a security threat.
  2. Check the local laws for the country you’re travelling to and ensure your sex toys are legal.
  3. Consider shipping your toys ahead of you.
  4. Remove batteries to avoid unexpected vibrations from your bag!
  5. Consider discreet sex toys for your holiday that look like innocent, everyday objects. 
  6. Squeeze your lube into a clear travel bottle. Find bottles designed for flights to ensure you don’t go over the liquid limits.

Careful Storage

There are right and wrong ways to store toys. Reducing damage, odors, and keeping toys fresh and clean for immediate use is why it’s important to know more about this topic. It’s not just a simple case of throwing them on your bedside table or by the sink.

Sensible storage is advised, whether you’re staying at home or heading on a road trip. Many toys will come with their own storage pouch. These will be suitable for keeping off the dust and debris, so your toy is ready to go when you next need it. These pouches are also great to use as you travel. 

Anal toys in particular benefit from storage pouches or bags made from fabric that is breathable. Store them in a dark place, away from sunlight and out of damp spaces like bathrooms. So, your bedside draw or the top of your cupboard are perfect places to choose. 

Now you know the best ways to clean, store and transport your favorite toys it’s time for an adventure. What will you be packing?


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